Details about the options for the press brakes

Considering the standard X/R backgauge, both backgauge fingers are positioned at the same distance from the bending tools centre line ( X-direction ). If parts need to be bent on a bending line not parallel to the edge of the plate, it can be advantageous to have an X3 cnc-controlled back-gauge finger. One backgauge finger can move front- and backwards, independ from the other finger ( Delta X in the sketch below). The maximum dimension from X3 is 150mm, both front- as backwards. The total stroke from the X3 axis is as thus 300mm.

All metal sheets have a certain tolerance in the sheet thickness. The real thickness of the sheet compared to the theoretical, programmed sheet thickness is the cause for very important deviations in the resulting bending angle. Small tolerances of only few 1/100 mm can lead to an error of several degrees. The automatic sheet thickness measurement device automatically measures the real sheet thickness before the first bend. The CNC-control automatically adapts all machine settings to the real thickness ( also the required bending force, crowning, … ) so an accurate bending angle can be obtained from the first bend.

The D-Alpha is a fully automatic, laser-assisted bend angle measurement system. Irrespective of the properties such as spring back or lamination direction from the material as well as tolerances from the thickness of the material, the D-Alpha enables an exact determination of the bend angle with an accuracy of better than 0,1°. The position of the sensors along the bending line need to be adjusted manually.

6-Axis backgauge
The standard X/R backgauge where the backgauge fingers are manually adjustable in width will be replaced entirely to Backgauge X1 - X2 R1 - R2 Z1 – Z2 Instead, the backgauge is made up by two separate consoles. Both consoles can move in width on heavy duty double linear guides ( Z1-Z2 ). On each console, the backgauge finger can move in height ( R1-R2 ) as well as front to back ( X1-X2 ) on precision linear guides.

Servo controlled moving table
The serov-controlled lower tooling table can moving in any requested position, so you can use a V-Die with more than 1 V-opening in the same side. Saving setup time….

Bending aid
The bending aid assists the operator to bend products in a simple and ergonomic way. Handling large plates is often not an easy job for one operator, especially with the return movement of the upper beam. In the return movement, the plate is completely loose and the operator has to handle the full weight of the plate, it's resulting that sometimes two people are working on one machine. A bending aid is a much more efficient solution, which would make it possible in most cases that only one operator bends larger products. The bending aid supports the plate during the entire bending process. If the bending aid is not used, it can be placed in no time outside the machine on its so called parking place. A machine can be equipped with more than one bending aid.

Automatic hemming
Fully integrated and hydraulic CNC-controlled hemming system, will give you more flexibility and saving time in all hemming operations. Avoid having more than 1 operator on the machine for hemming of long parts, just use the CNC-controlled front supports in combination with the integrated hemming system.

Automatic correction database
Apart from the tolerance in sheet thickness, different materials also have a different spring back resulting in a variation in bending angle. The spring back is within relative small tolerances constant for the same material. After bending the operator measures the resulting bending angle. With the automatic correction database, the operator now has the possibility to store the tolerance value in this database. Whenever the same material in combination with the same tools is used again, the CNC-control automatically proposes to use the same correction again as stored in the database. The result is an accurate bending angle from the first time.

Tandem configuration
Tandem machines combine two press brakes in a synchronized tandem, regulated via a one CNC control. Machines with different tonnages and lengths can be combined in a tandem configuration for maximum productivity and flexibility. It’s possible to operate each machine independently.

Remote assistance
Remote Assistant is a highly beneficial support service that provides instant help in the field. Checking settings and easily diagnose problems by seeing the same screen as the operator. Avoid unnecessary trips or better prepare a technician if a visit is necessary. Improves training opportunities with new and existing operators.

3D controller
The state of the art 550PC w/the Esabend 3D system is a step above and beyond the 2D control. Including full 3D graphics with touchscreen & keyboard control as well as DXF file transfer. Also available for Delem controller.

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